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One of the most effective treatments to soften expression lines is the administration of a neurotoxin medication that aims to relax the muscle temporarily. By relaxing the muscle the expression lines are prevented from becoming deeper while maintaining this treatment. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin are all FDA approved treatments for anti-wrinkle medications in Canada. Expression lines are facial wrinkles that form over time from repetitive movements such as forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet.

In general anti wrinkle treatments such as Botox and Dysport take effect with in two weeks and last approximately 3-4 months on average. The duration of treatment may vary from person to person as lifestyle factors can impact the result of your treatment. It is recommended to maintain results to repeat treatment every 3-4months. If you decide not to maintain treatments the facial expressions will gradually return to how it was before starting treatments.

Anti-wrinkle treatment using a neuromodulator are very well tolerated. Very small needles are used to administer the medication and the feeling is best described as “little mosquito bites”. It is normal for the site of injection to be a little red and possible a little sore with pin prick punctures. There is no obvious sign of treatment. It is so minimal often times patients will come in on their lunch break at work and return to their daily activities without any noticeable signs of a treatment.

Safe and temporary anti-wrinkle treatment that can be customized to meet your concerns. Allows natural movement while improving expression lines and creates a more refreshed, well rested appearance. Fast and painless procedure with no down time.

FIRST TIME Neuromodulator WITH Erica with consult included

45 min - $8.50 per unit. Neuromodulator treatment with consultation included. 45 min Appointment is for clients getting a Neuromodulator treatment for the first time and are ready for treatment that day. Consult and forms to be filled out prior to or at time of appointment.


30 min - $8.50 per unit. Appointment for returning clients and has had a consultation already in the first year. If you have not been in for over 1 year to see Nurse Erica you will have to have another consultation with the NP. Please select Neuromodulator treatment with consultation in the treatment options.


20 min - FREE. Consults help with knowing and understanding your needs for a proper treatment plan and where to begin. This is a good time to meet with your injector and discuss your concerns. Appointment doesn't include treatment. A missed complimentary consultation will be charged a $50 fee, unless you provide a 48hr notice


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